ProductModelCapacityPower factorBattery voltageSolar controllerWaveform Remark
Power InveterIG3115CL1-6kW112/24/48/96VDC

Solar charger controllerSCC MPPT 60A 3kW
12/24/48VDC  60A  MPPT
Solar inverter (Off grid)SSP3111C Plus1-2kW0.712/24VDC40A PWMModified sine waveHigh Frequency
SSP3115C1-6kW112/24/48/96VDC40/60A MPPTPure sine waveTransformer
SSP3118C11-5kVA0.812/24/48VDC50A PWM
SSP3118C21-5kVA0.824/48VDCMAX 80A MPPT
SSP3118C42 / 3 / 4 / 5kVA0.824VDC60A  MPPT
SSP3119C3-5kVA0.912/24/48VDCMAX 120A MPPT
Hybrid  solar power system  SPS3117C1-5kVA0.824/48VDC40/60A MPPT
SPS3115C1-6kVA112/24/48/96VDC40/60A MPPTTransformer
Hybrid  solar power system for telcom station SHW4820050-400A
    48VDC 50-400A50A /PCS MPPT
Solar panelSPV
(13.54-37.6)Vmp (2.72-8.73)Imp
 Solar Battery SB121012VDC 100AH
SB121512VDC 150AH
SB122012VDC 200AH
Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter with MPPT Solar Charge Controller SSP3115C 1-6KW
Off-Grid Modified Sine Wave Solar Inverter with PWM Solar Charge Controller SSP3111C Plus 1-2KVA
3-5KW Hybrid Inverter On/ Off Grid  Solar Power Inverter  with MPPT Controller SSP3119C
Pure Sine Wave Output Inverter IG3115CS 1-12KVA
60A 3200W 12V 24V 48V MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter IG3117C  3-5KVA

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