On/Off Gird REVO-II Energy Storage Inverter with Touch Screen
 48VDC Solar system for (BTS)telecom base station-SHW48500
Hot Swappable 48VDC Outdoor Solar Systems Power Supply for Telecom
400V/480V/690V Static Var Generator(SVG)
Modular Active Harmonic Filter
48VDC Solar Telecom Power System Base Station-SHW48400
1-5KVA Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter with PWM/MPPT Controller SSP3118C
Low Frequency Online UPS GP9335C 10-120KVA
Industrial Frequency Online UPS IPS9332 10-160KVA
High Frequency Online UPS  HP9116C 6-10KVA
Email: sales@soroups.com

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