ProductModelCapacityPower factorBattery voltageSolar controllerRemark
Power InveterIG3115CL1-6kW112/24/48VDC

Solar charger controllerSCC MPPT 60A 3kW
12/24/48VDCPV:15~145vdc  MPPT:60A
Solar inverter (Off grid)SSP3111C Plus1-2kW0.712/24VDCPV:15~50vdc  PWM:50ATransformerless
SSP3115C1-6kW124/48VDCPV:30~145vdc  MPPT:60ATransformer
SSP3118C11kVA0.812VDCPV:15~50vdc  PWM:50ATransformerless
2-3kVA0.824VDCPV:30~60vdc  PWM:50A
4-5kVA0.848VDCPV:60~105vdc  PWM:50A
SSP3118C21-3kVA0.824VDCPV:30~75vdc  MPPT:25A 
4-5kVA0.848VDCPV:60~145vdc  MPPT:60A 
SSP3118C42/3/4/5kVA0.824/48VDCPV:60~145vdc  MPPT:60A 
on/off gridSSP3119C3/4KW148VDCPV:60~145vdc  MPPT:80A 
5KW148VDCPV:60~145vdc  MPPT:120A 
ALL IN ONE Solar power systemSPS3115C1-6KW124/48VDCPV:60~145vdc  MPPT:60A 
SPS3118C1/2/3/4/5kVA0.824/48VDCPV:30~145vdc  MPPT:60A 
Hybrid  Energy Storage Inverter REVO II3/3.2k/5.5kVA124/48VDCPV:120~450vdc  MPPT:80A Transformerless
REVO E3/3.2k/5.5kVA124/48VDCPV:120~450vdc  MPPT:80A 
Hybrid  solar power system for telcom station SHW4850050-500A
48VDCPV:60~145vdc  MPPT:50A*10 
Pure Sine Wave Low Frequency Power Inverter IG3115CS
Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter IG3115CL
Solar Power Inverter System SPS3118C 1-5KVA
1-5KVA Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter with PWM/MPPT Controller SSP3118C
On/Off Gird REVO-II Energy Storage Inverter with Touch Screen
3-5.5kW Hybrid Solar Energy Storage Inverters
230/240VAC Series Solar Power Inverter 3-5.5kW with Battery Storage
REVO VM III Solar Energy Storage 3kW 5kW Solar  Inverters

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