SOROTEC in the 120th Canton Fair

Oct. 20, 2016

Oct.15-19, 2016, Sorotec successful attended the 120th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China. As a professional power solution expert, we presented many of our newest products on the booth, such as: 48VDC Solar Power System for outdoor communications base station, On - grid Solar Inverter with energy storage, Multi-function off -grid Solar Inverter, Solar Power Inverter System with battery and High Frequency Online UPS on the exhibition. 

There are a large number of professional visitors came to visit SOROTEC' booth. They showed a keen interested in SOROTEC 's new products and had a deep communication with our technicians and sales person. After the discussion, we know more about customer's needs. During the show, many customers have a deeper understanding about SOROTEC'S products and show a stronger desire for cooperation. Cheers!

Thanks for all clients visiting our booth and sharing the products with us and very grateful to you for supporting SOROTEC. In the future, SOROTEC will continue to insist to develop good quality products, and promise to do our best to provide better services to you.

Thank you for visiting and wish SOROTEC a success in the next year.

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