SOROTEC Employee Birthday Party

Jul. 19, 2019

In this warm May, SOROTEC ushered in the 10th employee collective birthday party. We hope everyone can feel warmth and happiness by this activity.

At 8:00 p.m. on the 24th,Our company held the may birthday party of the group headquarters in the conference room on the second floor.Twenty-six birthday workers and company leaders, well-wishers attended the party.The whole birthday party scene is beautiful, the food is rich and varied.All of this brought a special birthday blessing to them.

Before the party, the company leader extended his sincere greetings to them, and wish them career progress, happy life.The management reform of the group is recognized, and such activities should continue thereafter.

A cake symbolizes a united collective, a candle symbolizes a hot heart, because of the collective heart became wonderful, because of the heart collective became proud. When the Happy birthday song rang ,the familiar and wonderful melody sounded. Light the birthday candles ,along with the familiar music , the birthday stars closed their eyes, made a birthday wish.The boss cut the birthday cake with all the birthday stars and  distributed it to everyone, then bless you all once again. The atmosphere was pushed to the climax again.


Finally is the talent show program, everyone shows their ability.The atmosphere was filled with warmth and blessings.Friendship and love let us get together to spend this unforgettable time .The company provides such a platform to us, so that we can understand and take care for each other. Make us remember this happy and warm time, the sincere friendship like mountains and rivers flowing in our hearts forever. our friendship follow the sublimation of work, let the sunshine always accompany our life every day! Let us bless the birthday stars would be happiness, healthy, peace from year to year!

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