Soro UPS Applicated in government department

Dec 29, 2018

1.Soro Low Frequency UPS Entered GuiShan TV Station In Wuhan.

2.Soro Low Frequency UPS(200KVA) Entered Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

             3.Soro Low Frequency UPS (160KVA)Entered Public Security System In Zhuji city.

 4.Soro Low Frequency UPS Entered Hubei Shiyan Custom.

            5.Soro Low Frequency UPS Entered ZhongShan Administration Office of Guangdong Province.

6.Soro Low Frequency UPS 120KVA Entered The Information Center Of Shanxi Provincial Local Taxation Bureau

                 7.Soro Modular UPS MPS9335C Applicated in Army.

 8.Soro Low Frequency UPS GP9335C 400KVA Entered In Guiyang National Security Bureau Of Guizhou Province.

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