SORO Provides Green Data for Jieyang Hospital In China

Oct. 20, 2016

Based on its leading technology and professional power solutions, SORO UPS GP9335 Series 120-800KVA wins the bid of power project for Jieyang Hospital of China, providing green data for hosiptal with SORO low frequency Online UPS GP9335 Series.

GP9335 Series 120-800KVA UPS is a 3phase out and 3phase in UPS with 0.9 output power factor. It use advance 6th generation DSP control technology and the design of the twin-channel line input. Besides, the efficiency of the UPS is as high as 94% and reaches over 98% in the ECO mode, which can help reduce the power loss of the UPS. Can Up to 6PCS UPS in Parallel and provide 12 language.

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