The three Different Types of Solar Energy System that Require Specific Inverters

Apr 26, 2018

What is an On-Grid or Grid-Tied Inverter?

An On-Grid Solar Photovoltaic System Refers to a System, Which is Only Connected to a Utility Grid. When Solar Energy is Available, the System will Sell the Energy Which Generated by the Sun Bake to the Utility Grid.


What is an Off-Grid Inverter?

A Syand Alone Photovoltaic System Refers to a System, which is not Connected to the Utility Grid. The Electricty you Consume Comes Solely from Energy Generated Via PV Arrays. There Types of Systems Store the sURPLUS of Energy in Batteries.

What is an Hybrid Inverter?

A Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic System is a Combination of Solar & Grid Power Technology to take the Advantage.

If the Energy Produced Via PV Arrays is Enough for Household Consumption, the Inverter will Use PV Energy and Charge the Surplus to the Battery.

In Absence of Sun, the Inverter will, Depending on Energy Consumption, Use Energy Solely from Batteries or take Energy from the Utility Grid.




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The solar power generation system (on grid / off grid inverter), energy storage system, electric vehicle charging pile.

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