REVO VM III Series Solar Energy Storage Inverter

May. 05, 2020

Energy Storage Inverter

Output power facto r PF=1.0 . 

Confifigurable AC/Solar Charger priority via LCD setting . 

Compatible to mains voltage or generator power . 

Overload ,Over temperature ,Short circuit protection . 

Integrated Bluetooth interface with Android App

Supports USB On-the-Go function. 

Reserved communication port (RS-485, CAN-BUS or RS-232) 

for BMS. 

Battery independency. 

User-friendly LCD operation. 

Replaceable fan desig

Detachable LCD control module with various  communications 

This detachable LCD control module can be taken off as a remote  panel .Users can install the LCD panel in accessible area awayfrom  inverter up to 20 meters

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