Advantages of pure sine wave inverter power supply to important load equipment

Sep. 23, 2019

Pure sine wave inverter power supply is specially designed for power plant, substation, communication industry, automation control equipment, solar energy, oil field, wind energy, new energy and so on. It is mainly applied to places where load equipment has high requirements to power quality. Such as power telecontrol, RTU, power line carrier, monitor, program-controlled switchboard, computer room, network, server and accident lighting. If the AC input is broken down, the DC screen or the external battery cabinet prepared by the power system and the telecommunications system will supply a long and uninterrupted power supply through the inverter for the load equipment. If the DC screen is broken down, the inverter overloads or failed, the system will automatically switch to the bypass power supply, which ensures the continuity of the system power supply. The use of pure sine wave inverter power supply to important load equipment in DC power station has the following advantages:

1.Avoid repeated investment in battery pack, reduce system maintenance and reduce system operation cost.

2.The DC screen of power system and telecommunications system usually uses valve controlled sealed battery. Because of the high reliability and long life (10~15 years) of the DC screen, the DC screen is used for power supply, and the reliability and life span are greatly improved. The battery in conventional UPS is often without maintenance and monitoring. It is easy for battery to be damaged, but it can not be detected in time, so as to reduce the running cost of the system.

3.Due to the large capacity of DC screen, the power supply of inverters can provide enough long AC power supply after the power grid is cut off.

IG3115CS 1-12KW LCD Pure Sine Wave Inverter 

■Pure sine wave output
■The charging current is big up to 85 Amp
■Output power factor:s 0.9-1
■Well accept generator’s output
■Full automatical and silent operation
■Automatically transfer between battery and line modes
■Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
■Remote control function
■Four-steps intelligent charging control to recharging time
■Bypass and bypass voltage regulation function
■Could be setting frequency by LCD display with color screen
■Battery type and charge current can be select

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