The project of Telecom base station(BTS Solar power system) for China Tower Successfully Installed in Qinghai,China

Aug. 25, 2018

Shenzhen Soro Electronic Co., Ltd is one of the top-leading Power Supply and solar inverter manufacturer , 

to deploy Qinghai China Tower solar-powered base transceiver stations.

SOROTEC installed the base stations, using a solar and diesel generator hybrid power solution to provide mobile 

connectivity in rural areas. The base stations will primarily be powered by harnessing solar energy without having 

to be linked to an electricity grid.The diesel generator will be used as a backup.

The new system will improve GP's network performance by preventing service interruption, a previously persistent 

challenge in Qinghai due to power instability. It will also lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and reduce 

the cost of refuelling and site visits,thereby lowering GP's total cost of ownership. These savings will offset GP's 

capital investment in just two-to-three years.

SOROTEC has developed a series of end-to-end green solutions for wireless broadband networks, using a combination of solar energy, wind power and diesel 

fuel. These innovative solutions aim to assist operators optimise energy efficiency, maximise their return on investment, 

fulfill their social responsibilities, significantly reduce the TCO in the product life cycle and enhance market competitiveness.

Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd customize products to meet different international standards and specific client 

request. And our products have been widely used in different fields,including electric power, avaiation, traffic, post 

service, public security,customs, government and other entities domestically and abroad.

Our main products include the following:
1.UPS(uninterruptible power supply)
2.Solar inverter
3.Telecom power solution(48 DC power supply,Hybrid powered telecom station )
4.Power Quality(Active harmonic filter,Static Var Generator)

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